Adult Membership --

You get it all -- unlimited golf and range

Also enjoy two complimentary guest passes, a free one hour lesson, discounted food and beverage, discounted rates on golf club repair services, and indoor locker storage for the season.  League options also available.

Be the King or Queen of the club - $600


Junior Membership --

Youngsters Unite -- under 20, unlimited golf and range and still have $ left over for fast food.  

Also enjoy a complimentary guest pass and a free golf lesson, then show off your new found skills to your friends this summer. 

Prince and Princesses -- $350


The Punch Out --

Simple -- PrePay for (10) 18 hole rounds and get (2) free!  A little math, you save 70 bucks!  -- $350


The Range Rat --

Our most popular purchase -- unlimited range, all the golf balls you can handle, get better this winter! -- $250